Marieke Elsinga is squinting after traffic blunder

The presenter shared in her Stories on Instagram that she has made a mistake so that she can now pay a considerable amount. Marieke woke up with a special text message. It stated that her parking action will be deactivated, but Marieke has no idea what it is about. Or is it?

‘The day before yesterday I forgot to turn off my Parkmobile’, she writes afterwards with a screenshot of the app. You can see that the app has left them on for almost 31 hours, which means that the costs have increased considerably, especially in Amsterdam. Marieke eventually receives a bill of 90 euros and 90 cents. ‘I only stood there for ten minutes’, Marieke continues.

Although it can happen of course, it is still a waste of money. She could also have used the 90 euros for a pair of torn tights from Gucci. Although she has to dig deeper into her pockets for that, you can see all about it below.

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