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“Maribel Guardia Receives Ovation for Return to Theater after Son’s Death”

Maribel Guardia receives an ovation for her return to the theater after the death of her son, Julián Figueroa/Special.

Maribel Guardia he had been absent from the play “Lagunilla mi barrio” after the death of his son Julian Figueroa, The cast did not know for sure when she would return, Alma Cero replaced her and her wishes were for her to return when she felt ready for it, and apparently, the encounter that Maribel had with her son helped make this happen.

“I have to continue with my life,” he said firmly outside the theater, because he knows that his son would have wanted that, also, after the hug he gave him, he sees pain in a different way, he assured that he is no longer afraid of it. to death, because through the encounter with Julián he already knows that there is beyond, and it is light.

It was during her son’s rosary, when she was able to see him and hug him, now she knows that he is well and happy, better than ever, so although she misses him, she feels calm to have seen him in so much light.

“I saw him full of light, with an incredible smile, he hugged me, and when he hugged me, I felt all the light and happiness that he felt that I said ‘My God, I’m from here’ and not because I wanted to stay there with him. him, but because I felt that we are from there, that we come from the light, he hugged me about three times, he looked full, full of light, you could see his hair, but with forms of light, it radiated, he turned me around and hugged me; it was the way my son told me ‘don’t worry mom, I’m fine’, not fine, he’s better than us, and it gave me another sense of pain, because I’m sad, but not as I was, it’s sad not to see him “, he expressed.

They receive Maribel Guardia with applause

Maribel returned to the staging “Lagunilla mi barrio” after being absent due to the sudden death of her son Julián, who lost his life on April 9 after suffering a heart attack at home.

The audience at the Teatro II Cultural Center applauded Maribel when he appeared, his companions did the same, and afterwards, the people stood up to continue the ovation.

Guardia was moved and appreciated the expressions of affection; In the middle of the ovation, someone shouted: “Maribel, we love you very much!”

At the end of the performance, when the cast sings “Yo sin tu amor” Maribel Guardia was moved to tears, according to videos circulating on social networks, where they applauded her strength to return to work a few days after the loss of her son.


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