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Maria Berlinskaya: Coping with Hate and False Accusations after the Chernigov Tragedy

The head of the Aerointelligence Support Center, Maria Berlinskaya, explains the hate addressed to her after the tragedy in Chernigov by the work of offended bloggers and the Russian IPSO.

Source: veteran of the Russian-Ukrainian war, head of the Victory Drones volunteer project of the Dignitas charitable foundation and director of the Aerointelligence Support Center Maria Berlinskaya in interview with Ukrainskaya Pravda

Direct speech: “Firstly, the Russians got involved as much as possible with their IPSO in order to split society (the SBU immediately told us about this).

Secondly, several famous Ukrainian bloggers got involved in this. In particular, Alexey Arestovich and Evgeniy Karas. I have long-standing, personal, let’s say, scores with both one and the other.

People with critical thinking supported me as much as possible, for which I am, of course, very grateful. I didn’t expect such a wave of support on social networks from journalists, volunteers, people I don’t know at all”

Details: According to Berlinskaya, after the events in Chernigov, she had two options for action. The first was to go out and name the names of the real organizers of the event, “to please the enemy.” The second is to give this testimony to the Security Service of Ukraine. She chose the latter.


On August 19, the Russian army launched a missile attack on a drama theater in the center of Chernigov when it was hosting a gathering of drone manufacturers and aerial reconnaissance schools as part of the “Fierce Birds” demo day, although only the participants of the event knew the exact location.
2023-12-07 11:34:30

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