Marco Carta acquitted on appeal for the theft at the Rinascente

Marco Carta was acquitted on appeal for the theft of T-shirts at the Rinascente in Milan. La the attorney general’s request for sentencing had been eight months in prison. The singer faced the appeal process for the story of the theft of some T-shirts from the La Rinascente department store in Milan. The Sardinian singer, winner of the Amici program and of the Sanremo Festival in 2009, on October 31 last year he had been acquitted of aggravated theft charge in the first degree trial. His lawyer, Simone Ciro Giordano, in a defense brief filed today had pointed out that the attorney general, in the appeal, “failed to evaluate the additional elements highlighted by the defense and reported in large part by the Court, which demonstrate in a manner the absolute extraneousness of the Charter to the conducts ascribed to Muscas is certain and not hypothetical “.

The friend who was with Marco assumed all responsibility for the theft

Fabiano Letter is the 53-year-old friend of the singer who was with him in Milan on May 31, 2019. She and Carta had been arrested – and then immediately released – upon leaving the luxury department stores in front of the Duomo, because an employee security had found six unpaid T-shirts in the woman’s bag, worth 1,200 euros. The friend then took on all responsibility for the theft: she said she wanted to give the singer a birthday present, who had just turned years old, and last January 20, after being sentenced to 12 months of socially useful services, had been admitted to the probation institute. Marco Carta was not present in the courtroom today: he was also absent during the first degree sentence, after which, however, learning the news of the acquittal by telephone from his lawyer, he burst into tears.

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