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March 17. Events and people | There is a reason | free time


World Sleep Day (on average, a person spends a third of his life in a dream).

Ireland – Independence Day, St.Patrick ‘s Day (patron of the country).

Thailand – National Boxing Day Muay Thai (By the way, Belarus has one of the strongest Muay Thai schools in the world).


Gerasim Grachevnik. The first spring bird arrives – the rook. The rook has arrived – in a month the snow will come down.


1789 Edmund Keane, great English actor.

1834 Gottlieb DAIMLER, German engineer, creator of the first motorcycle. The son of the owner of a bakery and wine shop.

1856 Mikhail Alexandrovich VRUBEL, Russian artist.

1908 Boris Nikolaevich POLEVOI (KAMPOV), Russian writer. The surname Kampov signed only one work of the author – “Memoirs of a lousy man.” And then the editor suggested that Kampov’s surname not only be changed, but translated from Latin. So from Kampov, from the Latin “campus” – the field, he became the Field.

1938 Rudolf Khametovich NURIEV, famous Russian ballet dancer. After the artist remained in the West (on tour in 1961 in Paris, he had 36 francs with him), he began to call himself NUREYEV.

1947 Aristarkh Evgenievich LIVANOV, Russian actor.

1951 Kurt Vogel Russell, American actor. Lives with actress Goldie Hawn.

1957 Dmitry Khananovich ASTRAKHAN, Russian director, actor and TV presenter. He was the fifth child in a family of historians, immigrants from Belarus. He shoots most of his films in Minsk. Astrakhan is a co-owner of the network of pie cafes “Stolle”.

1964 Alexander Nikolaevich SHUMIDUB, Belarusian ice hockey goalkeeper.

1995 Elizaveta Nikolaevna ARZAMASOVA, Russian TV presenter and actress (“Daddy’s Daughters”). In 2020, she married figure skater Ilya AVERBUKH, who is 22 years older than her, they have a son born in 2021.

1997 Kathy (Kathleen Genevieve) LEDEKI, famous American swimmer. Her grandfather emigrated to the US from Czechoslovakia.


1233 Millions of mice flooded the city of Freising (Germany), forcing the entire population of the city to evacuate.

1711 PETER I officially announced Marta SKAVRONSKAYA (future EKATERINA I) as his wife.

1845 Englishman Stephen Perry patented the elastic bandage. On the same day, he patented the stationery gum, known to us as the “rubber band for money.” It was originally used to bind security pages and attach prescriptions to medicine bottles.

1861 The Manifesto on the abolition of serfdom was published in Russia.

1906 US President Theodore ROOSEVELT first used the term “garbage mop” to refer to journalists.

1940 The first T-34 tank was tested in Moscow.

1960 In Japan, the world’s first multi-colored felt-tip pens went on sale. A few months later, a German firm began to import them to Europe. The word “felt pen” comes from the trademark “Flo-Master”, the name of the ink.

1991 A referendum was held on the preservation of the USSR as a federation of equal republics. 112 million people out of 146 million who took part in the referendum, or 76%, were in favor of preserving the USSR.

2000 In Uganda, about a thousand members of the religious sect “God’s Commandments” set themselves on fire in their church.

2020 Died Eduard LIMONOV, Russian writer.

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