Marc Daniel Bernardo Jakol & Katkat Manimtim Leaked Viral Video Twitter

Marc Daniel Bernardo Jakol & Katkat Manimtim Video is the new trend topic on the internet. Internet users are very interested in the viral clip and also try to look for information about it. You must have come across the names of these users and pondered who they are and why they are trending in the first place. If you’re just as curious, read the article and find out who Bernardo and Katkat are and more about them.

Marc Daniel Bernardo Jakol and Katkat Manimtim reportedly became the talk of the town after a video of them was shared online. Within a period of time, it went viral and attracted the attention of many. Multiple sources claim the video concerns an argument involving the duo. You must be wondering who these people are and if they are even famous. Well, let us tell you that both Marc and Katkat are well-known TikTokers living in the Philippines.

The content creators happen to have a decent following on social media. Speaking of Bernardo, he is counted as one of the notable social media stars who managed to garner a huge following with the help of the entertaining content he posts on his account. The creator reportedly joined the video sharing platform in 2019 and has been entertaining his followers ever since. At this point, Bernard has around 10.2 million followers.

The creator mostly posts his dance, lip sync, and acting videos. The 19-year-old star has amassed around 195.1 million likes for his videos, which speaks a lot about his popularity. Marc Daniel is reported to be in a relationship with Katkat Manimtim. Katkat Manimtim is also popular on social media with around 9.3 million followers on her account. The couple have posted many videos on the platform featuring them.

The couple also reportedly have a YouTube channel called Katniel where they upload vlogs about their relationship and other stuff. Recently, a video was shared on social media, mainly Twitter and Instagram, which drew a lot of attention from netizens. Because of this, both Marc Daniel and Katkat Manimtim have become objects of interest. It is also reported that Twitter removed the viral video, making it no longer available on the web. Keep in touch with us for more updates!

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