Many Toddlers Are Infected with Covid-19, Parents Are Urged to Take Prevention


JAKARTA – Parents are advised to take precautions because more and more toddlers are infected Covid-19 . DKI Jakarta recorded 661 cases of Covid-19 aged 0-18 years old as of June 17, 2021. Of these, 144 cases were children under five.

This of course must be a vigilance for parents to further strengthen prevention efforts at home so that children are not exposed to Covid-19. Starting from being more disciplined in carrying out clean and healthy living habits to involving children in doing activities health protocol 5M.

The Head of Disease Prevention and Control of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Health Office, Dwi Oktavia, also appealed to parents to avoid leaving the house with their children.

“We remind residents to avoid leaving their homes with children,” suggested Dwi Oktavia.

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Furthermore, Fortis Hospital Mulund’s Senior Consultant for Child Health, Dr. Jesal Sheth, provided several preventative steps that can be taken both for parents and the government so that Covid-19 cases in children are not getting more worrying.

Reported from The Daily Guardian, Friday (18/6) the following is the review.

1. Since children live in the same house as adults, it is important for adults to get fully vaccinated so that children at home are also protected during vaccine for children is not yet available.

2. The government must prepare a pediatric ICU with a ventilator as a maximum effort if children need intensive care in hospitals due to Covid-19. This tool must be distinguished from that used for adults and ensure single use.

3. Increase the production of medicines needed in the treatment of Covid-19 in children.

4. Ensure that the pattern of restrictions imposed in each country remains in effect.

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5. For parents, they must educate children related to Covid-19 using creative materials, including about hygiene practices and how transmission occurs so that children are more alert too.

6. Monitor children at home.

7. Make sure children eat healthy food and drinks cooked at home.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also recommends that children over the age of 2 are mandatory wearing a mask when leaving the house. This effort can certainly reduce the risk of exposure to Covid-19 in your child.

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“So, help your children use masks properly when they have to leave the house or be around people who don’t live in the same house,” the CDC said.

There is an important note added by the CDC that if the child is already wearing a mask. it is not the only preventive measure. This means that you as a parent must also continue to ask your child to wash their hands with soap if they have handled things that many other people hold, or before eating, or other activities.

“Children should also avoid crowds and keep their distance. This should not be forgotten even if your child is wearing a mask properly,” the CDC added.




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