“Many leave their skin …”

Vasco Rossi he risked dying. This, in summary, is the content of the interview released in 2011 to Report in which the singer-songwriter revealed the details about his for the first time recovery. The exit from the “tunnel”, he says, was long and very hard. Vasco is fine today, and – as far as we know – it carries no relevant train.

Over the years, Vasco Rossi has undergone “three serious illnesses”. “The last blow killed me when I was thinking I was okay,” he told Milena Gabanelli on that occasion. First, Vasco had ainfection which struck him in the lungs and heart: “The heart valve was filled with bacilli, I risked having the operation to replace the valve, then we killed them and now it’s okay. It is a disease that is called endocarditis, many leave their skin, but I have such a physique… “.

Vasco Rossi between diseases ‘of the body’ and ‘of the spirit’

This problem, in reality, was only the first of a long series: “And that’s not all”, continues Vasco Rossi. “Then at some point I get there pneumonia, 40 of fever while on antibiotics. They were all terrified. I was in the hospital but they didn’t tell me to go, I was self-hospitalized, I took a whole part of the clinic, I rented it, with the money I earned, I’m so rich… “.

Another of the diseases that hit Vasco Rossi this time it concerns not so much the physical, but rather the spirit. We are talking about the depression, a monster the singer-songwriter had to deal with at the beginning of 2000. “When friends began to die around, Lolli, Massimo, Marietto … And I went into depression”, reads another interview released in 2020 in Vanity Fair. “Here – he specifies -, I also survived that depression there”.



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