Many companies in Belgium are considering laying off staff due to the crisis

High inflation in Belgium means that employers’ expenses will increase significantly, especially in the HR area. Due to the automatic indexation of income to the cost of living, wages and salaries increase. Additional costs of 10 to 30% per employee are feared.

This means that quite a few companies and employers are considering laying off staff, or rather having to fire them, according to the Liantis survey. Although interested parties are still waiting to see how the situation will develop globally politically, for example in the area of ​​energy prices, many are already thinking far ahead.

Paradoxically, however, numerous companies and authorities are currently looking for additional staff. The severe shortage of personnel means that companies stop production, cannot accept orders or that the authorities do not offer services or offer them only to a limited extent. According to Liantis, specialists in the fields of IT, care and health, trade and retail or engineering are particularly sought after.

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