Mandatory masks in workplaces. The new regulations have entered into force

A government ordinance has been in force since Saturday, which introduces the obligation to cover the mouth and nose in the workplace if there is more than one person in the room. So, in an office, production hall, workshop or at a business meeting – the mask is obligatory.

The entry into force of the new regulations means that no more removing the mask and referring to the performance of official duties – this gate is disappearing, and it is worth recalling that it was referred to, for example, by politicians appearing in front of the cameras or in the Sejm.

We are obliged to cover our face in practically all circumstances in the workplace, if we are not alone in the room. Even if we work in an office and our associate is far away from us.

There are very few exceptions and they are very specific. The provisions do not apply, for example, to pilots in the cabin, persons managing public transport and priests celebrating masses. In an email to our editorial office, the director of the nursery, Children’s Embassy in Bydgoszcz, points out that the regulation also introduces an exception for kindergarten employees, but nurseries – not. “The little ones will be terrified looking at the aunt in masks” – writes the author.

The regulation also applies, for example, in company canteens. For now, it is not clear whether this means that there can only be one person in the canteens, because it is hard to believe that the otherwise inventive citizens of our country will figure out how to eat without taking off their mask.

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It is also not known who is to control whether the new rule is respected and what penalties are to be met, otherwise.

Covering the mouth and nose is obligatory:

  • in means of collective public transport: buses, trams, trains, planes,
  • in the car if you are accompanied by a person with whom you do not live,
  • in workplaces and in public utility buildings, e.g. at the post office or office,
  • in commercial or service facilities, e.g. in shops, shopping malls, pharmacies, at a market, cinema, theater, clinic, beauty salon or massage parlor,
  • in a church, in a public utility building intended for religious worship and in a cemetery,
  • in public space, including in the open air, on the street, on a walk,
  • at the University.

The order is valid until December 27.

The provisions regarding the requirement to wear masks are contained in paragraph 25 of the ordinance of November 26, 2020 on the establishment of certain restrictions, orders and bans in connection with the state of the epidemic.

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