Manchester United’s Mistake: Letting Go of De Gea and the Risks of Onana – Former Manchester United player Lee Sharpe believes that the Red Devils made a mistake in letting go of David de Gea after Andre Onana made another blunder.

Manchester United failed to win when they visited Galatasaray’s headquarters in the Champions League. Having won 2-0, the Red Devils had to close the match with a position of 3-3.

Andre Onana was again in the spotlight in this match. The goalkeeper from Cameroon was deemed guilty of the two goals scored by Hakim Ziyech from free kicks.

It wasn’t the first time Andre Onana made a blunder. The 27 year old player often makes mistakes while wearing the Manchester United uniform.

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MU made a mistake after De Gea

Andre Onana did not appear convincing as a substitute for David de Gea in goal for Manchester United. Lee Sharpe said his former team had made a mistake in releasing the Spanish goalkeeper.

“Now this definitely looks like a mistake,” Sharpe said 888sport.

“It was a bit strange the way they sent De Gea off. I know he made some big mistakes last season, but he was very consistent when he was there.

“He would have kept United in the game and won the game on his own, so it was a bit disappointing the way they let him go.”

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Risks of Goalkeepers from Outside the Premier League

Le Sharpe also said that this was a risk of bringing in a goalkeeper from outside the Premier League. According to him, De Gea should be retained for a season to become Onana’s mentor.

“There is always a big risk in bringing in someone who doesn’t know the Premier League to be your first choice goalkeeper,” he continued.

“Come to think of it, it might have been better if De Gea had been kept for another year and made Andre Onana a substitute to get him used to the atmosphere and expectations, because he’s certainly wasting points on the team at the moment.”

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