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“Manchester United’s Coach Shows Unconditional Support for David De Gea amidst Uncertain Contract Negotiations”

Star News Reporter Lee Won-hee | 2023.05.08 21:41

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Although he made a fatal mistake, the coach covered the player. Man Utd head coach Eric Tenhach (53) has no change in his thoughts. He revealed his will to re-sign with team goalkeeper David de Gea (33) unconditionally. According to ‘MAN UTD News’, which mainly deals with Manchester United news on the 8th (Korean time), Tenhach said about the contract situation with De Gea, “We want him to stay.” The future of ‘living legend’ De Gea, who has been active at Manchester United since 2011, is uncertain. The contract expires this summer. Unlike the past, when the contract was renewed several times, the situation has changed a lot. De Gea’s weekly wage has risen as he has risen, and his skills have noticeably declined as he has grown older.

Manchester United suffered a shock defeat 0-1 in the away game against West Ham, which was in the bottom of the 15th place, held on the day. De Gea’s mistakes provided the excuse for the defeat. Manchester United conceded the winning goal to West Ham winger side Benrama in the 27th minute of the first half. Benrama’s hit and run movement was good, but his shooting was mediocre. He wasn’t headed into a corner, nor was he that strong. But De Gea couldn’t get it right. The shot, which hit De Gea’s hand, flowed into the goal. De Gea received the lowest rating of 5.6 among both teams from Whoscored.com, a European football statistics site. He recorded three saves, but was not spared criticism for a crucial error. Man United also failed to score a point. Although they are in 4th place in the league (63 points), they are being pursued fiercely by 5th place Liverpool (62 points).

However, coach Tenhach protected De Gea. Even if major mistakes are repeated, the skills and achievements that De Gea has shown so far cannot be denied. Tenhach said: “We want De Gea to stay in the team and extend his contract. He has the most clean sheets in the Premier League. Without De Gea, we would not be in this position.” I put my strength into it. He said, “I completely believe in De Gea, and there is nothing to worry about. But as a team, we must solve problems together and show our strength. We must recover and stand up again. We will do it.” Emphasized.

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In fact, Spanish nationality De Gea played in all 34 league games this season and scored 41 goals. Manchester United are ranked 6th in the league with the fewest goals conceded. He also recorded 142 saves, the most of any goalie in the league, while averaging 4.1 saves per game. For save average, it is the second most saves in the league. Despite his age, he showed off his unchanging skills. The role of ‘veteran’ De Gea, who leads his teammates on and off the pitch, is also important. He is a player who brings a lot to Manchester United. During his 12 years at Manchester United, De Gea made 540 appearances and kept 188 clean sheets. He has other reasons for wanting to renew his contract as well. Above all, if Manchester United catches De Gea, there is an advantage in not buying a new goalkeeper and saving the transfer fee. In this case, he can spend the money reinforcing other weak positions.

According to the British The Athletic on the same day, coach Tenhach wants to recruit world-class strikers, central midfielders and right-sided defenders first. Various players are connected to Manchester United, including West Ham ace Declan Rice, who suffered a shock defeat to Manchester United, and Napoli’s core duo Kim Min-jae and Victor Osimen, who won Serie A. 90MIN, a British football media outlet, also said, “Man United will offer a transfer fee of 35 million pounds (approximately 58.5 billion won) to recruit Napoli center back Kim Min-jae.” You can use the money you would spend on a goalkeeper to buy these players.

The question is how United will win De Gea’s heart back. England’s Court Offside explained: “Man United want to renew De Gea’s contract on the condition that he reduce his weekly wages.” De Gea is known to be receiving a weekly wage of £375,000 (about 620 million won), which is one of the highest in the Premier League. If you renew the contract like this, the risk that comes with man utd is quite big. Considering De Gea’s age, his performance could drop even further in the future. De Gea’s position is also understandable, as he was disappointed with the club’s actions to cut his weekly wage. It seems important to narrow the difference of opinion between the two sides.

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