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Manager: Johnny Depp missed out on $22.5 million because of Heard | Stars

entertainment">Jack Whigham said that Depp had a verbal agreement with Disney for the next Pirates movie. The manager, who has been representing Depp’s interests since 2016, said that he received wind of it in early 2019 that the studio had decided to cancel those plans.

entertainment">Heard’s lawyers pointed out to Whigham that he previously stated that it became clear in the fall of 2018 that Disney had doubts about a sixth Pirates of the Caribbean starring Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. The manager then said that at the time he thought he could still save things, but the canvas after Heard’s article in The Washington Post definitely fell. After publication, it became impossible to book a new job for Depp, according to Whigham.

entertainment">However, according to Amber’s lawyers, this cannot be attributed solely to Heard’s article. Depp is also said to have lost money as a result of an article in The Sun, where he was labeled a ‘woman swatter’. In addition, they say that Depps ‘drug and alcohol abuse influenced his career’.

entertainment">Depp and Heard divorced in 2016. The actress has since accused her ex-husband of domestic violence. He denies that and is demanding $50 million in damages. Heard also filed a lawsuit against him, in which she demands 100 million dollars.

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