Manage your Instagram profiles with this tool

The social network Instagram it has become one of the most used platforms in the world. Property of Facebook Inc, the photography social network does not stop growing, which is why commercial brands have more than one profile with frequent activity.

There is an app that will help you manage Instagram accounts, in case you have several. It is called Grids, it is ideal for working from the desktop and it breaks it.

Grids is a desktop tool that gives you all the functions that you don’t see on Instagram when you enter through the web and not the app; and is available for Windows and macOS X.

The most useful feature of Grids, besides giving you access to all the Instagram tools, is that you can synchronize several profiles and manage them at the same time. You have to go to “Account” and select “Add Account”. From then on, you will run into the same functions of the Instagram app.

Instagram: Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed on the web

Cristiano Ronaldo He started the year with a new record, although not that of the soccer player with the most goals in history, but as the person with the most followers It has in Instagram today.

A couple of days ago, the Portuguese reached 250 million followers, a figure well above his escort, Ariana Grande, who has 214 million followers.

Cristiano Ronaldo thanked his virtual community of fans by reaching the magic number this week on the social network Instagram, which allows him to consolidate his position as the footballer with the highest number of followers on the popular platform. “250 million! What an incredible number !!! Thank you all, you are part of this journey, ”wrote the Turin Juventus player.

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