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Do you have questions about the “Manage my properties” service?

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I must have a computer and an Internet connection to file my declaration.


You have the possibility of being accompanied by an agent, either by telephone on 0 809 401 401 (free service + cost of a call), Monday to Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 7 p.m., or by going directly to your tax department or in the France services area closest to you.

A new tax, which will replace the housing tax on main residences, will be put in place.


Housing taxes on second homes and vacant dwellings are maintained and no other tax is introduced.

“Manage my real estate” simplifies the procedures between users and the administration.


By validating your declaration of occupation situation, the information is directly taken into account. You will no longer receive information request forms (form 1236), and in the event of construction, you can complete your H1 or H2 declaration directly from your secure area.

I do not need to declare from my secure space since my property is managed by a real estate agency.


The declaration of occupancy situations is the responsibility of the owners of built property and must be made from the secure space on the site.

Apartment or house outbuildings (cellar, car park, garage, etc.) are affected by the reporting obligation.


You must make a declaration for all your premises including your outbuildings. If these constitute the same lot with your house or apartment, you have the possibility of making a single declaration as part of your declarative process.

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Seasonal rentals do not have to be declared.


Seasonal rental is offered in the “rented” course. Only the seasonal rental start date is requested. The identification of the different tenants is not required.

I am the owner and I occupy my main residence, the administration asks me for information that it already knows.


The information known to the administration is pre-filled in your secure space on If they are incorrect or incomplete, you must correct them. After this first declaration, only the changes of situation will have to be announced.

Do you own one or more accommodations? Our online service is enriched to allow you to comply with the law and declare the occupants of your residential property before June 30, 2023

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