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Man Trapped in Jewelry Store Vault Overnight

A night he is unlikely to forget. This Tuesday, October 24, in New York, a young man found himself stuck in a safe jewelry and was only able to get out the next morning, reports ABC News. But how could this happen?

It was around 8 p.m., in the heart of Manhattan, when the 23-year-old American decided to enter the vault to check his safe. Unfortunately, the automatic door to the room closed behind him. Impossible to get out. This building called World Diamond Tower houses several jewelry companies and therefore several individual jewelry boxes.

Firefighters attempted to cut through the concrete wall

Firefighters arrived on scene in the middle of the night and attempted to partially cut a wall from the vault in order to free the young boy. The latter managed to cut the concrete wall by around thirty centimeters, but the appearance ofan armored metal plate complicated the task. To destroy it, firefighters had to use a blowtorch. Problem: this intervention can cause the dispersion oftoxic smoke in the room.

In order not to take any risks, the emergency services preferred to suspend their intervention and wait for the automatic opening of the door, programmed to unlock in the morning. It is therefore around 6:15 a.m. that the owner of the safe was finally able to come out of the vault after a long night of waiting desperately. According to the British daily The GuardianJohn Sarrocco, the New York fire chief, no explanation can be given as to how the young man found himself trapped inside this dead-end room.

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