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Man in East Java found with toothbrush stuck in penis for 6 years: Shocking medical case revealed


Cases of foreign objects found in vital organs are often found. Most recently, this was experienced by a man in East Java who found a toothbrush ‘stuck’ in his penis.

The patient was also known to have kept a toothbrush in his penis for 6 years. It is not clear how the object entered his vital organ, but the unnamed man admitted that he made a small incision in 2017 on his penis for sexual satisfaction.

The case published in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports revealed that the 43 year old man experienced a ‘broken’ penis or penile fracture during sexual intercourse in the ‘woman on top’ position.

Toothbrush gets stuck in East Java man’s penis for sexual satisfaction Photo: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports

The time from the accident until he came to the emergency room was about 12 hours. He came complaining of extreme pain, pain and swelling in his penis.

“On physical examination the patient was conscious and hemodynamically stable. He had an “eggplant deformity” of his penis with a palpable mass measuring 0.8 cm on the dorsal side and 1 cm on the abdominal side,” the journal reported.

“There is no history of urethral injury such as blood in the meatus or hematuria and no urinary retention. Laboratory examination results are within normal limits. He received intravenous analgesics and anti-inflammatory agents. Retrograde urethrography confirmed urethral patency,” continued the statement.

The doctor then performed an operation which took two hours at Dr Soetomo General Hospital, East Java.

“The patient underwent penile exploration under spinal anesthesia. During operative management, we discovered the left corpus cavernosa, which was torn 2 cm, and a hematoma. We used a tourniquet to minimize bleeding,” said the doctor in the journal.

“We performed hematoma evacuation, and after the hematoma was successfully evacuated, we removed the toothbrush implant, and attention shifted to repairing the corpus cavernosum tunica albuginea to restore the structural integrity and function of the penis,” he continued.

The difficulty of this operation is removing the toothbrush implant adhesions from the surrounding tissue.

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