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Mammootty in Lockup: ‘Turbo’ Second Look Goes Viral | Latest Updates on Mammootty’s New Movie Turbo

Mammootty in lockup;; ‘Turbo’ Second Look Viral | Turbo Movie ‘Mammooty in Lockup’; ‘Turbo’ Second Look Goes Viral

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Published: February 23 , 2024 09:35 PM IST

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The second look poster of ‘Turbo’ directed by Vysakh starring Mammootty has been released. This big budget mass action comedy film is the fifth film produced under the banner of Mammootty’s company.

Kerala distribution of the film is Wayfarer Films and overseas partner is Truth Global Films. Mammootty will be playing the role of Turbo Jose in the film, which will see Vysakh and Mammootty team up after Madhura Raja. Mithun Manuel Thomas has scripted the film.

Cinematography is by Vishnu Sharma and music is composed by Justin Varghese. Kannada star Raj B Shetty and Telugu actor Sunil also play the lead roles in the film alongside Mammootty.

Action scenes in the film are handled by Vietnam Fighters. Getting Vietnam Fighters for a Malayalam movie is a rare sight.

Cinematography by Shameer Muhammad, Executive Producer: George Sebastian, Production Designer: Shaji Natuvil, Action Director: Phoenix Prabhu, Line Producer: Sunil Singh, Co-Director: Shaji Patur, Costume Designer: Melvi J-Abhijit, Makeup: Rasheed Ahmed-George Sebastian , Production Controller: Aroma Mohan, Chief Associate Director: Rajesh R Krishnan, Publicity Designs: Yellow Tooth, Digital Marketing: Vishnu Sugathan, PRO: Sabari.

Bazooka is a Mammootty film. Mammootty’s next project will be directed by Mahesh Narayanan.

English Summary:

Turbo Movie Second Look

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