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Malaysian Singer and Actor Jang Jang Si Dies Suddenly at 37 Years Old

[TV리포트=강성훈 기자] Malaysian singer and actor Jang Jang Si died suddenly. He died at the age of 37.

On the 28th, the news of his death was announced through Janggun City’s personal social network service.

Jang Jang-si, who started filming this morning, suddenly complained of feeling dizzy and feeling unwell. After losing consciousness, he passed away about 40 minutes later.

Local male artist Chaeja (43) was also present at the filming site. Chaeja revealed that he and Janggunsi arrived at the filming site around 8 a.m. After breakfast, filming started around 8:30, and he said he didn’t find anything wrong at that time.

Jang Jang-si finished filming Part 1 and touched up her makeup at 10:30 a.m. to prepare for Part 2. After drying his hair, he sat down on a chair. Chaeja explained that at this time, Jangxi said, “I feel dizzy, my head hurts, and I am vomiting.” Staff at the scene gave him first aid, but soon his lips, hands, and feet turned blue.

The ambulance arrived at the scene within 5 minutes, but Jang-si died. He died just 40 minutes after saying he felt dizzy. It has been reported that the cause of his death is awaiting an autopsy.

Janggunsi debuted in 2001 as a member of the Malaysian 4-member girl group ‘M-Girls’. He has also worked as an actor, and recently made a special appearance in ‘Loan Application Registration’ (2023).

Jang Jang-si’s body will be transported to Perlis, Malaysia, where he was born, for a funeral.

Reporter Kang Seong-hoon [email protected] / Photo = Zhuang Qunshi social media

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