Makassar Terrorists are Young Couples, Beware of the Romanticization of Terrorism in the Family

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – A photo of the alleged suicide bomber in front of the Makassar Cathedral, South Sulawesi, on Sunday (28/3/2021) spreads on social media.

The male perpetrator had the initials L, while the female perpetrator had the initials YSF. Both are married couples who have just been married for 6 months.

The perpetrator with the initials L is known to be Jamaah Ansharut Daulah which is affiliated with ISIS.

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The perpetrator is also known to have been involved in acts of terror in the Philippines.

Intelligence and Terrorism Expert from the University of Indonesia Satanislaus Riyanta, said that terrorism is very likely to occur against couples who are still classified as young marriages.

“Marriage that is only 6 months old is possible when they have big plans. So when they have the goal of carrying out a suicide bombing which he considers a noble goal, he invites his partner. They legalize their partner by marrying siri,” Satanislaus said when contacted by KompasTV, Monday (29/3/2021).

He also explained that these terrorism ideologies do not hesitate to invite their family members to jointly carry out terrorism which they consider a ‘noble’ goal.

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For more details, see the discussion with the Director of Law Enforcement of the BNPT, Brig. Gen. Eddy Hartono, Deputy VII of the State Intelligence Agency, Wawan Purwanto, and the University of Indonesia Intelligence and Terrorism Expert Satanislaus Riyanta.



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