Majorca. Bjka on board the plane. 29-year-old bite off a piece of traveler’s ear | News from the world

There was a row on board last Thursday (September 17) during a flight from Birmingham in Great Britain on Majorca. One of the passengers on the plane was refused to serve alcohol because the man was already drunk. However, this did not stop the 29-year-old from becoming aggressive and trying to open the alcohol refrigerator on his own.

Majorca. He drank a fellow passenger’s drink, then bit off a piece of his ear. The drunk 29-year-old was detained

Then, the 29-year-old drank a drink from the passenger sitting next to him. This led to a growing quarrel. The flight crew decided to call the policeshe was waiting for plane on the tarmac.

After landing, Guardia Civila officers began questioning the crew members. While they were gathering information, they heard that a fight had broken out on the plane. After separating the two fighting men, it turned out that one of them had a bit of an ear bitten off.

“Newsweek” informs that the drunk 29-year-old who committed this act has been arrested. The man with the bite off of his ear was transported to the hospital for medical treatment.

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The police in Częstochowa chased the 35-year-old wanted by an arrest warrant

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