Mainfranken: Land prices around 40 percent …

House builders have to dig deeper and deeper into their pockets for their property in Main Franconia – prices in the region have risen significantly by around 40 percent since 2015. This is shown by an evaluation by the Bavarian State Office for Statistics. There are also big price differences in the region:

This is particularly evident in the city of Würzburg, where the price per square meter is the highest with an average of around 700 euros – according to the State Office for Statistics, that is an increase of around 40 percent. In the district of Würzburg, the price per square meter is just under 170 euros – that’s 47 percent more than in 2015. In the district of Kitzingen, house builders pay around 115 euros per square meter – an increase of around 40 percent. The cheapest is the price per square meter in the Main-Spessart district. District residents pay around 91 euros – nevertheless: The price has risen by around 35 percent since 2015.


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