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Main train problems: – Two trains blocked in the tunnel

The problems on the Østfold line are due to failures on three switches at Oslo S.

– We are working to correct the bug, but this takes time, informs Bane NOR.

There are also changes and delays on the Gardermobanen on Monday, due to power problems at Romeriksporten.

Press officer Øystein Stavdal Paulsen at Bane NOR tells Dagbladet that two trains are stuck in the tunnel without power. We are talking about a train from Vy, as well as Flytoget.

– The situation is now that we are sending our recovery train to bring the trains back to Oslo S, he tells Dagbladet at around 09.40.

It doesn’t have an overview of how many passengers were affected.

According to Stavdal Paulsen, there is an overhead contact line failure in the tunnel.

– The catenary fell on the roof of the Vy train, he says.

– Does this involve any risk for the passengers?

– No, the passengers are inside the train, so there shouldn’t be any danger for them.

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Found the error

The problems on Oslo S are due to failures on three track switches, resulting in three fewer tracks in use.

– But the traffic is moving. So there are fewer delays and some setup to thin traffic to Oslo S, says Stavdal Paulsen.

It says the bug has been found and work to fix it has begun.

New affected section

The new rail route between Ski and Oslo S is also affected by the problems. The stretch will be opened by King Harald on Monday morning, and the prime minister, among others, will be present.

– Fortunately, the opening is unaffected and will proceed normally. It’s not Follobanen’s fault, says Stavdal Paulsen.

He says some of the direct lines from Ski have been cancelled, but other traffic from Østfold passes normally through the new tunnel.

Affected railway lines:

R20: Oslo S – Halden, Østfold line

R22: Oslo S – Mysen – Rakkestad, Østfoldbanen east line

R21: Oslo S – Ski – Moss

L2: Skøyen – Oslo S – Ski

Asker – Oslo S – Kongsvinger – (Charlottenberg) R14

Drammen – Oslo Lufthavn/Oslo Airport, Flytoget FLY 1

Drammen – Oslo S – From the R13

Drammen – Oslo S – Lillehammer R10

Kongsberg – Oslo S – Eidsvoll R12

Oslo S – Lillestrøm – Oslo Lufthavn Airport/Oslo, Flight Train FLY 1

Oslo S – Trondheim S, Dovrebanen F6

Skien – Oslo S – Eidsvoll, Vestfoldbanen R11

Spikkestad – Asker – Oslo S – Lillestrøm L1

Stabekk – Oslo Lufthavn/Oslo Airport, Flytoget FLY 2

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