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Maffashion was faced with hatred when she told about her illness. “I’d do it again”

Maffashion as one of the most sought-after influencers on the Internet, she struggles with different opinions about herself. Often Internet users allow themselves indiscriminate comments. This was the case a few years ago when she decided to say out loud what kind of disease she is struggling with. She told about her hypothyroidism. Then she met with hatred. In an interview with “Viva!” She admitted that she would react differently now, but she considers her confession to be right.

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Maffashion was met with hatred when she told about her illness

Julia Kuczyńska she confessed that she once took criticism on the Internet very personally. However, she has been working as a fashion blogger on the Internet for ten years, and a lot has changed over that time.

In fact, it is not so anymore that everything I read about myself on the Internet hurts me. Before, I felt injustice. I wanted to scream out loud, but I gave it up. It is not important and it is a pity to waste time on it. Sometimes there are comments that will hurt, but I have changed – said Maffashion in an interview with “Viva!”.

Her first health confession met with much criticism. Hypothyroidism is now a well-known disease, but once internet users did not accept the blogger’s entries with enthusiasm.

I believe that this privacy cannot be overstated. Everyone does what they want, but it is worth leaving something for yourself. When I first mentioned this hypothyroidism of mine, I think I was right. I’d do it again, I’d say it even though people hated. For a long time I have repeated that it is good if at least two or three people will go to the test after I say that there is such a disease. And remember, it was a few years ago – now thyroid disease is popular, and at that time it was not talked about everywhere – she said “Vivie!”

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With the passage of time, Maffashion sometimes reveals the secret of his private life. However, it follows its own rules. On her Instagram profile, she also touched upon other health topics that touched her. She showed off her body after pregnancy as well as the fact that she had a problem with prolapse hair. Sometimes she allows herself for beauty fasts. You can see that fans like it, because it started its activity when Instagram wasn’t there yet, and now it has almost one and a half million followers.

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