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Madonna’s Ziggo Dome Show: Reviews and Reactions from Entertainment Critics

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Dec 4, 2023 at 9:35 AM Update: 20 minutes ago

Fans had to wait hours for her appearance, but eventually Madonna was on the stage of the Ziggo Dome on Friday and Saturday. Critics saw a great show in which the ‘Queen of Pop’ sometimes made some musical mistakes.

AD – three out of five stars

“Madonna treats Ziggo Dome to an unparalleled spectacle, which can rival what challengers such as Lady Gaga and Beyoncé offer.”

“Okay, vocally she can’t match these colleagues, but it will never be as bad as that one time at the Eurovision Song Contest (2019). Moreover, her show is more personal than Beyoncé’s and in terms of relevance, no one should be in Madonna’s shadow for the time being.”

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Het Parool – gives no stars

“As a newly appointed pop queen, Madonna always had her sights firmly set on the horizon, but four decades later she wants to tell her story again from her perspective. Not a bad idea, because in the deafening noise that her course of controversy caused, some nuance was often lost. lost.”

“A huge mistake: leaving the band at home. Almost every arrangement came from tape and relied on a newly added dance beat. It made songs like Holiday in Into the Groove no good. Passed: Bad Girl with her daughter Mercy James (17) on the piano and a semi-acoustic version of The beautiful island.”

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OOR – gives no stars

“As musically well-thought-out, ingeniously put together and refreshing as the show sometimes seems, it can also be a huge mess. Many of the 26 performed tracks (not including interludes) do not go further than a verse and a chorus, the chronology sometimes goes completely overboard, the sound is sometimes unbearable and reaches 120 decibels, the backing track is often more intelligible than Madonna herself.”

“Sometimes the 65-year-old artist even seems a bit fragile, with a knee injury and her restrained steps during the first act. But once she warms up, she proves the opposite again: later in the show she makes a lively impression and she floats over the audience.”

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Loyalty – four out of five stars

“The biggest surprise of the evening was the emotional content of the show,” notes Fidelity on. During the concert, Madonna not only looked back on forty years of hits, but also on her life.”

“The emotional highlight of the evening was the song Live to Tell. Madonna also dedicated this song to friends who had lost her. And the penetrating way she sang the song gave me goosebumps. She has never sounded so moving live.”

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