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“Madness”, nefarious effects – Il Tempo

The water temperatures in certain areas of the sea Mediterranean represent an “insanity” that could have relevant consequences on the weather forecast of the coming weeks and months. It is written by the colonel’s experts Mario Giuliacci, well-known face of the weather on TV and on the web, according to which “the weather situation in the Mediterranean basin is decidedly clear”. Thanks to the return of the anticyclone we will have “at least ten days” of temperatures above the average, we read on meteogiuliacci.it. In short, intense heat and practically absent rainfall at least until Mid-August. But what are the medium and long-term effects?

July's global heat wave breaks all records - the hottest month in history

The problem is that the surface temperatures in some areas of the Mediterranean they exceed i 30 degrees and this “is simply folly“. Why? The water cools down very slowly compared to the air and it is possible that in autumn “the heat that our seas will release will still be considerable, especially in the months of September e October“. What happens? With “a sea that is too warm, the thermal energy involved in the contrasts between water and air becomes greater”, write the meteorologists who explain how this can cause “temporal Also violent e dangerous for the months to come”.

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