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M Tzouffi: “Tax bill: How the ND cheated the middle class”

“The new ND tax bill is cruel and unfair for hundreds of thousands of taxpayers” emphasized Meropi Tzoufi in the Parliament, arguing that the ND deceived the electorate deliberately concealing her intentions.

The MP from Ioannina reminded that the main narrative of the ND it was the destruction of the middle class by the SYRIZA government. At the same time, from the position of the official opposition, he condemned every effort rationalization and institutionalization of one fair tax system, talking about excessive taxation policies that were hostile to entrepreneurship. However, the new tax bill reinstates the horizontal and anachronistic measure of imputed income which – according to all professional bodies – is accompanied by multi-layered injustices.

As the New Left MP said, “taxpayers with low incomes will pay tax for higher income, while the horizontal reduction of the pretense fee by 50% favors freelancers with higher incomes and greater chances of hiding real income”. In this context, he accused the government of favors large incomes and it is not intended to face the big one tax evasion.

In closing, he noted that after an open and continuous dialogue with the professional bodies, the New Left votes against the billaccusing the government of the ND of leaving the provocative wealth untouched and indifferent to any concept of justice and social retribution through a sustainable and fair tax system.

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