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Lumma CLR G770 R is the next G-Class pumped up

It has been the fodder for tuners and ‘stylists’ for decades: the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. This time, the well-known Lumma tackles the baking beast.

Where many tuners, especially in the motor area, get off with the Mercedes-Benz G-Class – in almost all cases the more extreme AMG version -, Lumma takes it what else On. It no longer squeezes power out of the German terrain beast. Instead, it only deals with things that affect the eyes and ears.

New look for the G-Class

And that of course starts with the appearance of the G-Class. We deliberately do not mention the designation of the G63 AMG, because the package that Lumma offers is also applicable to the slightly more civilized G350d and G400d. Those who leave their G-Class at Lumma can pick it up a little later with a completely new bumper, both at the front and at the rear. The spoiler that Lumma supplies is made of plastic and is not glued to the body, but attached with screws. If you’re tired of it, you can easily remove it yourself. Lumma thinks along with the customer. Those who want to lose more money and want a more aggressive appearance can also have all those additional body panels made of carbon fiber.

Lumma also offers large alloy footwear, with a maximum diameter of 24-inch. It even gives the customer a recommendation regarding the wheel sizes on the CLR G770R. 295 / 30R24 on the front and 355 / 25R24 on the rear axle is the best choice according to Lumma.

Different exhaust system

Fortunately for fans of a thick sound, it is not only limited to optical adjustments. Lumma has developed a specific exhaust system for the G63 AMG, which makes the biturbo V8 sound even better. Those who have a G350d or G400d can only knock on the door for other tailpipes.

Incidentally, Lumma also offers a different design of the interior of the G-Class, although it does not go into detail. It does state that ‘the interior can be completely redesigned’, from the seats to the upholstery of the entire interior. Anyone who is waiting for all the aforementioned changes to Lumma must deposit at least 12,700 euros for the conversion.

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