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Lula got married in a hermetic and luxurious ceremony

Nobody happier than you and me. Today is the day to celebrate our love. May the wind come to bless us and take away all evil from us!!”, tweeted Janja, who as of tonight will be the third wife of the former union leader, twice a widower, with whom he began his courtship in 2017, while he was 580 days in prison that prevented him from competing in the elections that consecrated Jair Bolsonaro as president.

More succinctly, Lula tweeted a photo in which his girlfriend hugs him from behind with the emoji of a heart and the caption “@JajaLula”.

The ceremony will be held at 7:00 p.m. (same time in Argentina) in a highly secrecy framework, despite which the event is awaited with expectation in the political world when there are just over four months to go before the elections.

Lula, leader of the Broken from los workers (PT, left), 76, will marry for the third time. His partner, known as “Janja”, is 55 years old and has been a member of that group since 1983.

The Federal Supreme Court annulled the sentences against Lula, who thus recovered his political rights and will be able to seek a third term in October when he will face the president. jair Bolsonaro.

As published today by the UOL portal, the guests will only know where do you laughawill host the party a few hours before it startsalthough some media are betting that it will take place in the space of the Group Bisuttisomething that was not confirmed by the couple.

There will be 150 guests including the singer Chico buarquethe former president, Dilma Rousseffof the PT and Geraldo Alckminthe conservative leader who will be a vice candidate in the formula headed by Lula.

“This is the Lula full of love for Rosángela da Silva and for the Brazilian people,” declared the PT leader Wellington Diaswhose name is cited to occupy a ministry in an eventual leftist government from January 2023.

Janja has had an active role in some related aspectstwo to the electoral campaign. His influence was noted when he gave his opinion on who could be responsible for marketing and other issues, a role that “would have caused jealousy among PT members,” the daily Folha de Sao Paulo wrote today.

Lula himself has given prominence to Janja, who was a speaker at the launching ceremony for the presidential candidacy held two weeks ago in São Paulo.

For some analysts, the profile of this progressive sociologist is the other side of the first lady, Michelle Bolsonaro, who also works in the campaign for the re-election of President Jair Bolsonaro.

Janja is an advocate for gender equality and positions in line with the feminist movement while Michelle Bolsonaro, belongs to the evangelical movement and subscribes conservative positionss.

Lula was widowed twice, in 2017 the former first lady died, Marisa Leticiaand in 1971 his first wife Maria de Lourdes died.

The emeritus bishop of Blumenau, Angélico Bernardino, an old friend of Lula’s since the 1970s, will officiate the religious ceremony.

“I hope that love is the flag of this candidate for president,” said the priest who did not want to reveal details about the event.

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