Lukaku to Dazn: “Fans, sorry. Now I feel the anger inside”

The Inter striker to Dazn: “I apologize to the fans for how I left, but I have to talk on the pitch. Conte made me grow, my brother Jordan spoke well to me about Inzaghi”

Anger and gratitude, redemption and ambition, words and deeds. Romelu Lukaku is all this and in the interview granted to Dazn warns fans and competitors that he has returned to Inter to win, in no uncertain terms. He does not make predictions, but ensures a damned desire to affect first people and at the team level. “In one year everyone has forgotten what I am capable of doing on the pitch – said the Belgian -, it is a sort of anger that I have inside me. All together we hope to do better than last year and to bring something home”.

The king

At the time of the official return from Chelsea, a part of the fans spoke of affection to be regained on the pitch for the 29-year-old, but the reality speaks of a Nerazzurri people who are already at his feet. Lukaku, on his part, does it anyway mea culpa in what is the first episode of Dazn Heroesa new collection of stories and encounters with the great characters of Serie A: “It was destiny to play for Inter, like for Anderlecht, Everton and Chelsea. It was what I imagined, they gave me the opportunity to become the player I am. The love of the people and the fans , for me and for my family, I thank them and I still apologize for how I left, but I have to speak on the pitch “. And then, again, the separation of 12 months ago: “Before when I left, I wanted this rematch at Chelsea. It was my favorite team from the age of 11, I had the opportunity to go and be a protagonist , but it wasn’t like that. In March, when I heard there was an opportunity to come back here, I didn’t say anything but we managed to get me back: we did a great job with the club. “

In pairs

Words to honey, obviously also for his attacking partner Lautaro Martinez, who among other things played a fundamental role in the return to Milan of Big Rom: “We talked to each other on Instagram, I had changed my number. And then on WhatsApp. He was one of the first I spoke to, then Dimarco, Bastoni and the others. Lautaro and I told each other that we have to do better than before. If we want to. achieve team goals, we must all do better because the other teams have become stronger. I immediately saw that his qualities can help me and my qualities can help him. We are not selfish strikers, I know when it is Lautaro’s day and not mine: so I help him and take her home “. Not only in matches: “We also want to win small matches, we are always in opposite teams but we know that even together we can make a difference for the team in training”.

On the bench

The incredible growth over the years, admits Romelu, also passes through his former coach Antonio Conte: “When I arrived at Inter, I arrived at Manchester United for two difficult years, mentally. Physically I suffered because I was not there with my head , I have to thank Conte because he made me a strong player and mentally he really made me grow, teaching me to never give up and to give my best. This will remain with me until the end. ” Now, on the other hand, there is Simone Inzaghi: “He is like that too, that’s also why I came back. My brother Jordan spoke well to me about him, also last year I saw how he worked and I like it”.

Travel friends

Lukaku has been working for a month on Saturday’s championship debut, away to Lecce: “I immediately tried to fit in better with the team, Inter plays differently than when I was there. The important thing is to fit in well, understand the coach’s form: I have had a lot of contact with Inter players, for me it is as if I am in my second year and I have never left. The players have more desire to win, every match is life or death and I like that. This team is even more united than before. ” Among these teammates there are also Marcelo Brozovic and Nicolò Barella, whom the Belgian admits to having found better than before: “Brozo has become even more leader and more open in communication than before, he complains a lot. Barella is even more protagonist. on the pitch, he made more assists last year, having also won the Italian Cup, the Super Cup and the European Championship made him stronger. ” Finally, Romelu’s manifesto: “I’m not here for myself, but to help Inter win the Scudetto”.

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