Lübeck bus driver and ex-DSDS candidate sells song to Sony

Calvin Bulgrin is a bus driver in Lübeck, a Pietro Lombardi double and a singer. He got a no from Dieter Bohlen at the DSDS casting in 2021. Sony Music now says yes and buys his song “California Diva”.

Luebeck. “Your looks drive me crazy, we enjoy every moment, I get on every plane for you, my California diva”. The chorus has the potential to become a catchy tune of the summer when Lübeck’s pubs play the song “California Diva” over and over again. Calvin Bulgrin wrote the song. Bulgrin actually works as a bus driver in Lübeck, and actually he writes songs just for fun in his free time. But now the music label Sony Music has bought the song – for 36,000 euros. “California Diva” has already been clicked over a million times on the Spotify music platform, although it was only released on July 22nd.

Texts are created while driving the bus

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