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“Luang Pu Thanom”, famous forest maestro, Nakhon Phanom Silence Sangkharn, age 81

MedianewsThe report was notified by the student. Luang Pu Thanom Chanthawaro or Phra Kru Siripothapiwat Famous monk Deputy Dean of Phon Sawan District Former abbot of Wat Kham Tia Yai, Moo 12, 15, Na Khamin Subdistrict, Phon Sawan District, Nakhon Phanom Province, has left the sangkarn peacefully at the cubicle. Causing grief to the disciples who know Yanunews More than 100 people flock to pay their respects to the body and wash their bodies at the temple hall

Mr. Chaiwat Kulya or Hia Teng, 49, a close disciple, said in the morning that he had been informed by the monks in the temple that after Luang Pu did his work. Sweep the temple grounds as usual on a regular basis. In which the disciple carried Luang Pu into the cubicle Which Luang Pu said that he was tired Therefore resting himself and lying in front of the altar Shock Therefore called the royal child to see Until I found out that I left the sangkharn at Kuti with a calm feeling at 6:30 am Siri, age 81, year 61

Luang Pu Thanom, formerly known as Thanom Nonthasri, was born on Monday, March 1, 1940, the year of the dragon, originally a villager of Kham Tia Yai, Na Khamin Sub-district, Phon Sawan District, at the age of 18, ordained a novice, 1958 Na Phatthasima, Wat Phosri Kham Tia Yai Co., Ltd. Kham Tia Subdistrict, Tha Uthen District (at that time) ordination in 1960 after the ordination of the preceptor to pay homage to the motherland. At the Si Thong Temple School, Phon Sawan Subdistrict, Phon Sawan District, until the end of the first three years of the divine master before traveling to study witthayakhom from Luang Pu Son Who has been a teacher for 7 years until proficient

Year 1967 Walked on a hike in the northern part of Laos. The Lent at Wat Phrabat Waakhan, Ban Na Kai Maha Vihara, Mueang Chai Thani, Nakhon Luang, Vientiane Study of Khmer-Lao script Scripture of Value Kajjain During the rainy season, he practiced Vipassana Kammatthan with Luang Pu Peng. The Lao side And met with many famous Thai monks Then he walked for a hike to practice Kammatthan in the Noble Land. Bang Bang, Buffalo Mountain, Laos side with Luang Pu Peng To sit and meditate in the giant cave for 6 years after hiking through the forest Therefore stopped hiking in 1995 and headed back to Wat Kham Tia Yai Developed until the temple prospered Buddhists regularly visit to make merit.

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