Lorraine sport | De Lattibeaudière and the SLUC Nancy get to the end of Gries-Oberhoffen (81-70)

Obviously when we multiply the loss of ball and we miss the open shots (Ron Lewis), it is difficult to take the direction of a match. Especially in front of a team of Gries who have the compass in the eye, even behind the three-point arc (Egekeze, Walton-Edwards and Zengotitabengoa). We had been playing for 6’30 and SLUC Nancy had only scored five points (5-15). That is to say…

Should we wait for the Nancy game to take hold? Let Ron Lewis find his address. Without a doubt ! In any case, with the activity of De Lattibeaudiere which almost made us forget the disturbing start of the match by Vautier and de Vent (three fouls in three minutes) and the award-winning baskets of Lewis, Nkaloulou, Houmounou, Nancy managed to pick up and even to pass in front thanks to the virulent first step of Franke (28-27, 13th).

Nancy finally defended with more intensity and this time disturbed the Alsatian collective which alternated better than her opponent indoor game, outdoor game. Two Nancy interceptions forced Ludovic Pouillart, the Alsatian coach, to take a time out, especially as Labanca, after a basket while touching, added a layer (36-31.16th).

Gries had he taken a first small chip? Not in the least, especially since Vautier, who still has not scored a basket in two games, missed his two free throws. Zengotitabengoa, with a sharp drive, reminded the Nancy defense that he is going fast, very fast …

At the break, Gries was still looking at SLUC Nancy eye to eye (38-36).

De Lattibeaudière’s impact

We obviously expected better from Nancy when they returned from the locker room. In particular the leader-captain Goudou-Sinha, quickly recalled to the bench in the first period after a sluggish start.

The young leader of the SLUC received the message loud and clear, since he took out his colt with three shots to clean the house. Three consecutive award-winning baskets for little Enzo followed by a fourth signed Franke set fire in five minutes (55-40).

This time the SLUC Nancy was thought to be in orbit. It was forgetting that in basketball, the series follow each other but are not alike. An excellent passage from Kebe coincided with a Nancy team suddenly broken down and it was Gries who in turn passed a 14-0 to return to three small points (57-54) at the end of the third quarter.

SLUC Nancy was far from giving any guarantees for the future. Nkaloulou was missing too many open shots and Walton-Edwards, at the post, dominated Vent under the circle. Fortunately Houmounou was skillful at mid-distance last night, which did not prevent Gries from taking offensive rebounds, causing faults and being more than ever in the match (64-63, 36th).

Precious since the start of the match, trying to fill the disturbing deficit at post 5, the Jamaican of SLUC Tyran De Lattibeaudière, was going to speak about his athletic potential, his downfall, his opportunist to sign with his imprint this difficult but morally important victory thanks to eight points in the last three minutes (78-68, 39th). It was up to the talented Ron Lewis to finish this meeting with a basket from midfield to the buzzer. To savor on a loop …

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