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Lőrinc Mészáros bought a baby goods store

After a successful agreement, Talentis Group Zrt., a subsidiary of Lőrinc Mészáros, has signed a sales contract, according to which, if the closing conditions are met successfully, it will become the 100% owner of Hungary’s market-leading retail baby store chain, Brendon Holding Kft., the Mészáros Group announced.

The primary strategic goal of the Mészáros Group is the preservation of value based on Hungarian foundations / Photo: Cultura Creative via AFP

According to the announcement, the primary goal of the acquisition is to keep the brand in Hungarian hands, to ensure its long-term operation, to preserve its value, and to take advantage of the opportunities inherent in the Mészáros Group to start significant foreign expansion in addition to its already existing operation in Slovakia.

Thanks to the transaction, Talentis Group Zrt. will become a hundred percent owner Brendon Holding Kft.which owns two subsidiaries in Hungary and one in Slovakia. An important part of the agreement is the further cooperation with the previous owners, as their professional knowledge and experience in this special business is indispensable, the statement emphasized.

The primary strategic goal of the Mészáros Group is the preservation of value based on Hungarian foundations, as well as international expansion, which

  • new stores
  • and online stores

plans to implement it in the surrounding countries with the opening. Cooperation with the member companies of the Mészáros Group and the exploitation of synergy effects guarantee an even wider promotion of the Brendon brand, as well as a further increase in its effectiveness and efficiency.

With the acquisition of Brendon Holding Kft., the Mészáros Group has expanded to a completely new, but all the more important, area of ​​activity, which in terms of its concept is close to our business philosophy: priority is given to commitment and responsibility towards children and families. In addition to a smooth transition, strengthening brand awareness and quality preservation, our main goal is to serve customer needs at a high level. At the same time, in addition to the integrated strategy, foreign expansion is essential, which also applies to other segments of the company group, typically in the industries in which we are also strong here, said Lőrinc Mészáros, owner of the Mészáros Group.

Brendon Holding Kft. operates 18 stores in Hungary, which makes it a market leader among stores specializing in the sale of baby and mother products. In Slovakia, Bratislava is the market operator with the second largest turnover in the country, with the largest floor area baby-mum store.

In 2022, its consolidated sales exceeded HUF 15 billion, and the number of its employees was more than three hundred.

In accordance with today’s trends, in addition to offline sales, the Brendon Group’s online presence is also decisive, its user-friendly webshop available in several languages ​​represents an increasingly significant share every year.

Brendon’s offer is characterized by a high-quality, wide product portfolio, in addition to the sale of its own brand products, it provides the best selection of many world brands on its markets, they said. According to the announcement of the owners who founded Brendon in 1993 and have been leading the company ever since, the transaction will lay the foundation for the company’s further development and growth.

“As a result of the international tender supported by Deloitte Hungary, we chose to cooperate with Talentis Group Zrt., because we see the future of the company group secured in this way. We look forward to working together with the Talentis group, which will begin after the transaction is closed. Our motivation has not changed: we want to provide the highest quality service to families with babies now and in the future,” they said.

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