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Looks like the Martian stone is stuck in the plow wheel of perseverance

Stone inside one of Percy's six aluminum wheels, in a photo taken February 25, 2022.

Stone inside one of Percy’s six aluminum wheels, in a photo taken February 25, 2022.
picture: NASA/JPL-Caltech

NASA’s Perseverance spacecraft unknowingly adopts a travel companion, shaped like a stable rock One of the six wheels is made of aluminum.

that picture Captured by the Front Perseverance Left Hazard Avoidance Camera, or Hazcam for short, shows the smuggler sitting in in the wheel. That explorer must have kicked rocks while exploring Jezero CResident, where is it? he was working since landing On Mars in February 2021.

Picture Retrieved February 25, 2022, but a Similar images Images taken five days later show that the rock is still firmly in place. The rock now looks stubborn Equipment on the $2.2 billion rover. It is unknown when the rock managed to jump On the ship, but espionage by C | Press reporter Amanda Koser notes that she’s been there since at least February 6, 2021.

A Hazcam image taken on March 2, 2022 shows that the rock is still firmly in place.

hoarseCamera photo taken on March 2, 2022 It seemed the rock was still firmly in place.
picture: NASA/JPL-Caltech

The stone seems to be a cosmetic nuisance And now nothing stands in the way of the rover’s progress. At least we hope. I’ve contacted NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory to make sure the rock isn’t currently a problem, and will update this article. Should I hear a response.

The tenacity’s width is 20.7 inches (52.2 cm.)Wheels capable of withstanding this unexpected intrusion are no big surprise. The explorer is equipped with upgrade wheel To prevent wear or tear Seen on NASA’s Curiosity rover. Each aluminum wheel is equipped with 48 serrations that increase traction and curved titanium ribs that provide rocking support. Upgraded wheels are also narrowerAnd With thicker, stronger thread, says Morten Boe Madsen, Mars 2020 Project Scientist and astrophysicist at the Niels Bohr Institute, Let me know Gizmodo in 2020.

survive offline POSSIBLE to Octavia E. Butler’s landing site, namely Leadership Longer distance More than at any other time during the mission. Mission planners hope to collect more surface samples before the rover reaches the Jezero Delta, where it will use the Mastcam-Z and SuperCam instruments to study its structure and mineralogy.

This isn’t Percy’s first gravel problem: in January, debris I got into the rover mechanism after extracting the rock sample. Fortunately, the rover succeeded expulsion that gravel, which clogs the coil system.

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