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Lolly Talk Little Things Concert: Guest Appearances and Emotional Moments

The girl group Lolly Talk held two consecutive “Lolly Talk Little Things Concerts” last night (29th) at the end of the show. COLLAR members Xu Yi (Day), Zhou Guoxian and Chen Kaiyong (Jace) were invited as guests, wearing a black tank top and short skirt. The eight members of the group heated up the atmosphere with songs such as “Seven Sisters” and “Idol” with strong beats. Lolly Talk got choked up in the middle of the song and said: “We got a few light signs when we first debuted, but now we can’t count them at home. I hope you can proudly tell everyone that you love Yibo candy.” Then he sang. “Jesus Christ Superstar” is released.

Day, who was once a founding member, sang “Candy Ball” with 8 other members, which brought the audience to a climax. Member A-mei said that she was unhappy because she had no part in singing this song, and then she made memories with everyone and danced to “Pretty Cure” . Day said that the last time he was on the same stage was the finals of “Star Making IV”, so he was very moved this time. He even took photos with the former “A2 Group” and the fans in the audience.

At the end of the concert, Lolly Talk invited Zhou Guoxian to sing “Time and Space”. Zhou Guoxian, who had been criticized for taking photos with Lolly Talk members earlier, said seriously when taking photos with everyone on the stage: “Keep your distance first, I just Here you go.” Then he crossed his arms, and Lolly Talk said, “We took the initiative to do this.”

In an interview after the show, Lolly Talk gave the team 100 points for their first concert, but only 50 points for their own performance. They hope they will continue to improve in the future. As for the guests, they said that their idol Jace was invited by the company, while Zhou Guoxian made the invitation during the last performance, and Day agreed to be a guest. When talking about the photo incident involving Zhou Guoxian, they said: “We have all thought about him a lot. He is a member of our family and a very important person who has accompanied us on this journey. I believe some fans will understand after this.”

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