Logitech: Mechanical keyboard does without cables and number pad

Logitech launches a new wireless keyboard that complements the existing G915 Lightspeed. The G915 TKL is an almost identical model, but deletes the number pad on the right side of the keyboard. In addition, the macro keys G1 to G5 on the left side of the keyboard are omitted. This makes the keyboard much more compact overall. It is the same height at 150 mm, but much shorter at 368 to 475 mm, which creates more space for mice and other devices.

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“Since the launch of the Logitech G915, the community has always wanted a compact TKL model of the keyboard”says Logitech gaming boss Ujesh Desai. In fact, a Tenkeyless keyboard with wireless functionality is a sensible alternative when it comes to compactness. Multimedia buttons and the volume role are implemented, but not deleted, which makes the keyboard suitable for home use at the desk and on the sofa.

Logitech uses mechanical switches in low profile format. Keystrokes are therefore a little shorter than usual. Like the larger G915, the TKL version also uses linear, tactile and clicking switches, equivalent to Cherry MX Red, MX Brown and MX Blue. If the TKL is identical in construction to the large model, then these are switches with Kailh low-profile keycaps, which, in contrast to the Cherry counterparts, have two lugs on the switch and are therefore not part of the popular Cherry keycaps are compatible.

Logitech G915 TKL (Image: Logitech)

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Like the G915, the G915 TKL can be used via a 2.4 GHz dongle or optionally via Bluetooth. The keyboard is charged using a micro USB cable. Due to the shorter overall length, a smaller battery should fit in here. Nevertheless, about 40 hours of operation should be possible without a cable. The buttons can be illuminated individually. However, the three macro profile buttons of the larger version are missing.

The G915 TKL should come onto the market from June 2020. However, as is typical for the series, it is not very cheap: Logitech charges 230 euros for it. The G915 Lightspeed currently costs around 200 euros.

The author says so

The author of this text has been using the model of the compact keyboard for about nine months – one for the G915 Lightspeed with linear switches for daily work and games. The typing feel of the flat keys is one of the best that he has tried so far. In addition, the keyboard lasts for almost a week without cables. The macro buttons and profile changers are functions that are actually nonsensical for most people. It is therefore good that Logitech has omitted these in favor of better ergonomics. This also applies to the number pad, which can be particularly annoying when playing.

But: The Logitech Hub software is not very mature and it has often happened that it has not even started. Here Logitech urgently needs to improve. This also applies to the keycaps. When used for a long time, the noses on the keycaps break off. Our purchased keyboard uses the key cap of one of the useless macro keys on the left side as a replacement instead of the left shift key. Two buttons have already been canceled during the period of use.

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Interested parties should therefore wait for reviews before deciding on the G915 TKL. After all, this is one of the expensive keyboards on the market.

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