Loaded with stigma, patients want to be burned


Hematology-oncology (cancer) professional subspecialist of the Government Board of the Indonesian Physicians Association (IDI) and inventor of the very first circumstance of HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) in Indonesia, Prof. from 1985 to 1995.

According to him, the situation at the time was really unfortunate because pretty much all the PLWHAs he worked with died within just a yr or two. Even at that time, there was also a lot of stigma about the emergence of PLWHA in the group.

“Even the ustaz we invited assumed they wished to burn up them since they failed to understand. Which is why training is so important,” he mentioned, quoted from his Twitter @ProfesorZubairi, on Saturday (03/09/2022).


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Having said that, in excess of time, numerous folks have occur to recognize the dilemma. In addition, the discovery of ARV medicines that enable increase the high quality of existence of men and women residing with HIV.

“HIV-AIDS education and learning and information has started to be large. Numerous people today have understood this issue fairly perfectly, even though it is nonetheless lacking in my feeling. Then, considering the fact that the discovery of many ARV medicine from 1997 to the present, the PLWHA’s high-quality of lifestyle has enhanced, “he claimed.

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