Live Updates: Play Off Serie C Pescara vs Foggia, Stadio Adriatico Sold Out with 20,000 Fans

Play Off Serie C Pescara Foggia, start at 20.30. Stadio Adriatico sold out, 20,000 people pushing the blue-and-whites towards the final. In the event of a draw, additional time and any penalties. Between the posts, from 1′, Zeman launches the twenty-year-old D’Aniello. Brosco returns to defense. Lescano returns to the front. Here all the updates of the match


PESCARA (4-3-3) D’Aniello; Cancellotti, Brosco, Boben, Gozzi; Raffia, Aloi, Kraja; Merola, Lescano, Cuppone All. Zdenek Zeman

AVAILABLE: Sommariva, Plizzari, Pellacani, Ingrosso, Milani, Gyabuaa, Mesik, Crescenzi, Palmiero, Mora, Germinario, Delle Monache, Desogus, Kolaj, Vergani.

ABSENT: Nobody.

BEWARE: Plizzari, Kraja, Kolaj, Lescano, Boben, Delle Monache, Gozzi and Raffia.

FOGGIA (3-5-2) Dalmasso; Leo, Di Pasquale, Rizzo; Bjarkason, Frigerio, Petermann, Schenetti, Costa; Ogunsey, Peralta. Coach Delio Rossi (former)

AVAILABLERaccichini, Rutjens, Markic, Vacca, Garattoni, Iacoponi, Odjer, Capogna.

ABSENT: Di Noia, Kontek, Beretta, Odjer, Nobile

REFEREE: Marco Monaldi of Macerata. ASSISTANTS: Giorgio Lazzaroni from Udine and Stefano Galimberti from Seregno. FOURTH MAN: Mario Perri of Rome 1.

Race just started

After 1′ 25″ Pescara takes the lead. Raffia brushstroke, Cuppone’s winning header. Pescara-Foggia 1-0. Eighth goal of the season for the former Potenza, third in the playoffs

9 ‘ great opportunity for Bjarkason. Immediately after Ogunseye always headed a cross from Costa. Foggia responds with two goals

16 ‘rebound in favor of Lescano who doesn’t get there. Block Dalmasso

21 ‘another chance for Bjarkason, diagonal to the side

24′ left-handed by Petermann from the edge, reactive D’Aniello manages to foil

28 ‘ crossing of legs between Di Pasquale and Merola in the Apulian area. The referee lets it continue

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30′ Petermann from outside. High

33 ‘ Foggia is still dangerous with Frigerio, right foot deflected by Cancellotti

34′ opposite side, from Cuppone to Aloi who raises his aim from the edge

40 ‘Kraja header, Dalmasso deflects for a corner. On the following corner cross by Brosco

42′ shot by Lescano, Dalmasso deflects for a corner

Final first half Pescara-Foggia 1-0 (2′ Cuppone)


In Foggia outside Petermann, inside Vacca

Immediately a danger, Frigerio’s back-heel, amazing D’Aniello who saves goal and result

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