LIVE – Carlos Ghosn “will not be extradited if he comes to France”


The union’s reaction was not long in coming. In a press release, the CGT Renault indicates to hope that “all the light” will be made on the escape in Lebanon of Carlos Ghosn, under house arrest in Japan, “in particular of the accomplices” from which the ex-CEO of Renault-Nissan could profit .

“How could he have left Japan knowing that, according to his lawyers, he was subject to strict residence and controls both in his movements and in his dealings with others? How could he have passed control airports (Japan, Turkey …) without passports, since his lawyers claim to hold his French, Lebanese and Brazilian passports? “, questioned the union.

“Once again, Carlos Ghosn allows himself to decide what comes under the law or not, just as he authorized himself to dismiss hundreds of thousands of employees without any other form of trial,” said the union.

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