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List of companies that have been firing employees since the beginning of the year

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

The wave of layoffs (layoffs) continues to haunt the Indonesian economy. Not long ago, company fintech, Xenditit is also included in the ranks of companies that have fired this year.

The rise in this wave of layoffs is a sign that the shadows of stagflation are closing in on Indonesia.

The economist of the Center of Economics and Law Studies (Celios) Bhima Yudhistira said that the phenomenon of layoffs that has occurred is very likely for Indonesia to enter the abyss of recession next year.


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He explained that in terms of layoff symptoms in many industries, these are signs of stagflation – an increase in inflation that is not accompanied by the opening of job opportunities.

According to him, if this condition persists, it will continue to create a very significant unemployment rate.

Below is a list of companies that will lay off in 2022:

1. Shopee Indonesia

On Monday (19/9) PT Shopee Indonesia fired a number of company employees.

Shopee Indonesia’s head of public affairs, Radynal Nataprawira, explained that the layoff was the last step the company had to take as an efficiency measure, having previously made changes through several changes to company policies.

He said the efficiency measures are in line with the company’s global focus on achieving independence and sustainability amid the current global economic uncertainty.

He did not specify how many employees were fired. It only ensures that employees affected by layoffs receive support from Shopee in the form of severance pay.

2. Lummo

The startup Lummo, formerly known as BukuKas, a business-to-consumer (B2C) software solution provider, has laid off a number of employees in Jakarta and Bengaluru, India.

Lummo is said to have laid off around 100-120 employees, most of whom are part of the technical, design and product teams.

3. TaniHub

The layoffs of employees of the agricultural start-up TaniHub are the impact of the closure of warehouse operations in Bandung and Bali. However, the company did not mention the number of affected employees.

4. Pahamify

Education start-up Pahamify made the decision to conduct mass layoffs to adapt to current macroeconomic conditions.

However, the mass layoffs taken do not appear to guarantee the long-term sustainability of Pahamify’s business. At the end of June 2022, Pahamify finally disbanded.

5. LinkAja

The news of the mass layoffs that LinkAja has taken has been widely discussed. This financial technology (fintech) startup, which is backed by eight state-owned companies (BUMN) as shareholders, is reported to have laid off around 200 employees.

However, LinkAja revealed that the number of layoffs carried out as part of the reorganization effort was far below the reported figure.

6. SiFast

The start-up, which deals with the delivery of goods, is said to have laid off around 360 of its employees.

However, unlike other start-ups, which mostly lay off their business to adjust their business to the current economic conditions, SiCepat said that this step was undertaken as an assessment of employee skills.

7. Mobile Premiere League

This e-sports start-up from India, which has spread its wings in the country, has announced the layoffs of around 100 employees and has decided to leave the Indonesian market.

According to the company’s statement, the mass layoffs and business closures in Indonesia are efforts to grow the core business and shut down businesses that are not running.

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