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Lionel Messi’s Arrival in Miami Causes Cleaning Staff to Get Fired

Now the first had to go because of Messi. And it’s not the coach…

Lionel Messi (36/before Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain) has been under contract with Inter Miami since July 15. Since then, the Argentinian has been convincing from a purely sporting point of view: In three games, the superstar has scored five times and set up a goal. All three games have been won since Messi arrived in Miami.

But now the world champion was also causing a stir off the pitch…

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Lionel Messi: Inter Miami cleaner fired

What happened?

Colombian Cristian Salamanca was until recently a cleaner at Inter Miami’s stadium. He now reported to the Argentine newspaper “La Nación” about the circumstances that have changed this.

Salamanca: “I happened to be cleaning the toilets in the sector where the buses are parked. Luckily I was there when the bus came and the players got off. The last one was Messi and I yelled ‘Hey World Champion!’ Messi looked at me. I showed him I was wearing an Argentina jersey and held up a pen. He offered me his autograph.”

video-heading">Terodde, Karaman and Lasme first hit double red, then goalkeeper Bock

Source: Image 08/05/2023

Salamanca continued: “Then the security service came, took me away and fired me from the job.”

Tough …

However, Salamanca has no regrets: “But it was worth every second,” said the Colombian.

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