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Lin Xiang, Star of Weiquan Dragons Cheerleading Team, Sparks Controversy – Why Do Girls Hate Her?

2024-04-22 21:20 Lianhe News Network Complete Report Lin Xiang, the new force of the Weiquan Dragons cheerleading team “Dragon Beauties”, appeared in a new uniform and showed …

A female netizen posted on PTT “Why do so many girls hate Lin Xiang?”Ask a questionWhen friends around me saw Lin Xiang from the cheerful team “Dragon Beauties” in the Chinese Vocational School, they said that she was a “fake girl, with plastic and fake breasts.” She can still carry it and not take it seriously when it comes to her children. After someone read the post, they immediately left a message in response, saying, “This is just jealousy from the losers. Many famous people are like this. They are criticized and criticized for no reason.”

The original PO said that she heard many friends around her making more negative comments about Lin Xiang than positive comments, saying that she was a fake prostitute, with plastic and fake breasts. To be honest, “Today, there are no girls who have never had any experience with medical beauty. I almost have C300 on my face.” The original PO thought that Lin Xiang was very strong, and also wanted to know “Why do so many girls hate her?”

The post sparked heated discussions among netizens. Those who didn’t like Lin Xiang complained, “My man, she is fake inside and out, so I don’t like her.” “My husband doesn’t like her. Why should I like her? If you do this kind of thing, everyone would like it.” “Girls also praise girls. It’s really stupid.”

Netizens who like Lin Xiang said, “I don’t hate her. I think she works hard but she is too thin recently she is beautiful.” Some fans said, “When someone is famous, some people will be hurtful. I think Lin Xiang is very straight.”

Some even believe that the cheerleading industry has a short life. “Anyway, the cheerleading industry is changing very quickly. Of course she knows it, and she doesn’t have to run for her life. If she understands this, she won’t care about those hurtful words, she just wants to work fast to make money while she’s still popular, and there’s no need to think too much about her later, she will invest in her own business, and netizens will not remember to criticize her.”

According to Wikipediatell, Lin Xiang, is a Taiwanese Internet personality, model, cheerleader, and entertainer. Former member of Lotte Girls and current member of Dragon Beauties. In April 2023, she appeared on the cover of the Japanese magazine Shukan Hyundai and was praised as “the most beautiful woman in Taiwan”.

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