Limburg is preparing for heavy rainfall: ‘We are extra alert’

“We alerted people at an early stage,” a spokesperson for the water board told RTL Nieuws. “We constantly monitor the water level and possible mud flows due to precipitation, also just across the border. Too much rain in Germany can also cause flooding in Limburg.”

The day started quietly this morning. It is dry with some sun now and then, Marc de Jong knows from Buienradar. But in the course of the morning the clouds increase from the southwest and it starts to rain.

Especially in the south-east of the country ‘it’s going to rain’. Locally, more than 50 millimeters of rain can fall, which is more than average for the entire month of May. “Most of the rain in Limburg will fall around Sittard-Geleen, where 75 millimeters can fall in six hours.”

storm complexes

According to the weatherman, the showers will be accompanied by thunderstorms, hail and very strong wind gusts. This may include so-called thunderstorm complexes. That’s a line of very severe thunderstorms. “I am taking into account again code orange in Limburg,” says De Jong.

Last summer, Limburg and parts of North Brabant faced severe flooding. Valkenburg, among others, was badly hit after the Geul overflowed its banks.

The water board does not expect a repeat of last year’s floods. “Back then we had to deal with prolonged rainfall, several days in a row. Now there is a lot of rain in a short time. But, we have to take everything into account.”

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