Lidl pensioners have unleashed hell. This has to stop

These days are not easy for anyone, but some people act really rude. Unfortunately, it is often seen in places where something is given away or sold at a reduced price. People here don’t know a brother and fight for benefits at any cost. As if that’s the only thing.

It’s sharp with shelves

The last time we saw this was when the Lidl chain ran an attractive sale on eggs, which were sold in packs of 30 for 99.90 kroner. This is a great price today, as eggs are rapidly getting more expensive. However, there were other items for sale.

The FinTag server described how it all happened in the Benešov Lidl, but witnesses from other stores spoke of the fact that it was the same everywhere, like through a copier.

It is said that the shop was literally stormed by pensioners even before opening, who were waiting for the doors to open so they could rush into the shop. At the same time, it’s nothing exceptional, Monday and Thursday are repeated to a greater or lesser extent every week. The event is starting and retirees don’t want to miss the opportunity to buy a few crowns less.

However, according to the witness, this time the behavior of the pensioners in the store exceeded all limits. They pushed the baskets into each other, loudly called each other, cursed at each other, got angry, and some were even ready to fight over eggs.

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The shop assistants get busy

Even the saleswomen took it. One woman yelled at the poor saleswoman to take the receipt out of the bin, which she said she threw in there. The clerk finally did, but then the lady noticed that she had already put the receipt in her purse. At the same time, it is said that it is often people of retirement age who behave rudely in shops.

The woman who described her unpleasant experiences with Lidl pensioners also wondered aloud whether Czech pensioners took this as the right thing. According to her, many of them spend a lot of time shopping at various events, which they could use in other ways. Perhaps they could find a part-time job or raise chickens that would lay their own eggs.

Discounts have traditionally been a big draw for retirees. It made a lot of sense when pensions were low, but today pensions are rising rapidly. On average it already amounts to more than 18 thousand crowns. This is more than many employees. Of course, everyone still wants to save money, but does it really have to be accompanied by such intense moments?

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