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Li Yunjie and Mobaye Lead National Chengchi University’s Basketball Team to Quarterfinals – Fourth Consecutive Championship in Sight

2024-02-10 02:53 United Daily News reporter Zeng Siru/Comprehensive Report

Li Yunjie is a perfect student of the team

The strongest foreign student in Mobaye

The National Chengchi University “Eagle” men’s basketball team, which is seeking four consecutive championships in the UBA (College Basketball League) open men’s division, entered the quarterfinals as the leader in the preliminaries of the 112 academic year that just ended. The quarterfinals that will start later this year will compete for the top four. Exclusive tickets to the Taipei Arena. The two key players in the team happen to be the “Dragon Baby”. The shooter Li Yunjie who is studying in the graduate school, and Mobaye, known as the “strongest foreign student”, also have the same aspirations in the Year of the Dragon. , to help Zhengda promote the continuous hegemony dynasty.

Li Yunjie, a second-year master’s student, was the only graduate player at National Chengchi University in the 112 academic year, and was also a “perfect attendance student” when the team returned to the open level in the 107 academic year. Born in October 2000, he laughed and said that he was very superstitious. It is indispensable to welcome the “An Tai Sui” in the zodiac year. I hope that the student-athletes in their final year can be healthy and perform well, which will increase their exposure for the professional league draft that they will participate in this year.

Although Mobaye, a Senegalese, is only a sophomore, he is only three months younger than Li Yunjie. According to the zodiac sign, he is also a member of “Dragon Baby”. He has been in Taiwan for nearly two years and does not know the zodiac signs. He knows that animals are the representatives. He later said, “But I want to be a lion.” His teammates told him that there was no lion in the Chinese zodiac, and dragon was the strongest representative among the twelve zodiac animals, so he happily accepted it.

The preliminaries of the 112 academic year ended on the Lunar New Year, and the quarter-finals started on February 27th. National Chengchi University coach Chen Ziwei had already planned to give his students three days off, and they would start training in the third grade of junior high school. After “starting work”, they would give out red envelopes and play shooting games. It has become a fixed itinerary, allowing players to experience the flavor of the New Year together.

Mobaye, who experienced the Lunar New Year last year, has a basic understanding of special Chinese festivals and can also say “red envelope” in Chinese. He said with a smile: “Last year, I went to Stanley (Sun Binghong, Executive Director of NCTU Men’s Basketball Team) to eat at his house. Great meal, great, fun.”

As early as the 107th academic year, foreign student Nie Ouma, who joined National Chengchi University, went to Sun Binghong’s house to celebrate the New Year, and it has been maintained until now, becoming an alternative Chinese New Year tradition for foreign students.

Mobaye, the captain of the political division, is known as the “strongest foreign student”. Photo/Provided by the College Sports Association. Li Yunjie, a master’s degree student at National Chengchi University, is the most senior player on the team and will enter the professional basketball draft this year.Photo/Provided by the College Sports Association Basketball NCTU Chen Ziwei

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