LGBT activist: “The indignant resident shows what he thinks about the nationalist march.” Gozdyra’s strong answer: “I’m listening, f … what?”

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Gozdyra: “Do you expect respect and make fun of such behavior?”

Many critical comments appeared under the activist’s entry. They resonate particularly strongly on the part of people who support LGBT activists on a daily basis. Staszewski even criticized Agnieszka Gozdyra, Polsat journalist.

Listen?? I’m listening, f … a? Do you expect respect and make fun of such behavior? I guess it’s overheated you then. This is the bottom of the den. August 1. Holy Date. The idiot gropes his balls and rises to the top of disgustingness, and you make such an entry. Get over yourself, man

– she wrote Gozdyra.

author: Facebook / Agnieszka Gozdyra

Blah blah blah. And I will write briefly. The guy feels his balls. He is hideous. Do not dare to add lofty slogans to it, because this is nothing other than what I just wrote. If you don’t understand this, then you broke up severely

The journalist added.

author: Facebook / Agnieszka Gozdyra
author: Facebook / Agnieszka Gozdyra

Staszewski entered into a discussion with a Polsat journalist and tried to defend his entry. Gozdyra but she was not convinced.

For now, you are adding your visions to it. not me. the guy blew the fascist march and that’s it, and you’re tearing your robes as if a guy had murdered someone. Meanwhile, on this march under the slogan death to the enemies of the homeland and beat the gay, rainbow flags were burned, well we should give them flowers in thanks … Markiewka’s text is not about you attitude you do not stand in the way of equal rights for LGBT people 🙁

– he tried to answer Sztaszewski.

Honestly. At this point, you became embarrassing about this entry. You are defending things that cannot be defended. You’ve done some noble actions, now you are clearly promoting yourself. Read the comments – they are about that. If anyone stood in the way of LGBT equal rights today, it was this guy and his defenders

– she replied Gozdyra.

where am I defending it? I posted the post without any comment, and the rest is your overinterpretation. so much

– wrote the LGBT activist.

And all the commentators got it wrong. Cool.

– summed up the Polsat journalist.

author: Facebook / Bart Staszewski / Agnieszka Gozdyra
author: Facebook / Bart Staszewski / Agnieszka Gozdyra


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