Letter with historical stamp auctioned for no less than 430,000 …

The letter from the Romanian King Carol II.

Photo: Heinrich Kohler

A letter with a historic stamp has gone under the hammer in Germany for 430,000 euros. The auction house Heinrich Köhler has announced this. The letter with the first stamps from 1859 from the city of Lübeck was auctioned on Saturday in the city of Wiesbaden.

The starting bid was 80,000 euros, but an anonymous bidder eventually turned out to be willing to pay 430,000 euros for the historic letter.

In addition, a stamped Baden letter from 1856 yielded 320,000 euros. The letter once belonged to King Carol II of Romania, a passionate stamp collector. When he went into exile in 1940, he took his collection with him.

“Even when Carol II had to sell part of his collection to make a living, the letter remained in his possession,” the auction house said.


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