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Let’s not miss the nuclear train again

Europe has decided that the production of electricity thanks to nuclear power is not to be excluded. Indeed, it is one of the options for the so-called energy transition. A term as unpleasant as the word “resilience”, which unfortunately we have to get used to, even if we don’t succumb. But, we said, that the European Commission, goodness to you, has decided that the atom can be used. On the other hand, without an atom, our fellow citizens, as green in words as they are warm with air conditioning and cold when heated, would have remained in the dark for the last twenty years. A recent study by Nomisma Energia has shown that a quarter of European electricity production comes from the atom. Its president, Tabarelli writes: «This is energy produced by 120 plants that do not produce a single gram of CO2». In Slovenia, 150 kilometers from Trieste, the local power plant is doubling, given the cost of gas.

An industry expert like Paolo Scaroni, who led both Eni and Enel, has said several times that one cannot but think of the nuclear option. As well as Minister Cingolani has abandoned the green-red rhetoric for which the environment is protected only with some technologies. In short, the energy issue, as it was in the 1970s, has returned to the center of the economic agenda. And, as often happens, it will delay getting into that policy. It is history repeating itself. That story that we Italians remember well made up of inflation and the skyrocketing cost of raw materials. The risk of relapse is enormous.

For now, the government has plugged up the flaw. Even a small child knows that we cannot continue to make decrees and budget adjustments to find resources that reduce the impact of increases in the bill. The benefits of the recently adopted tax cut are worth half of the cost increases that the average family will find in the electricity bill anyway: a real hidden tax. And that won’t go away.

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