Leon Edwards receives warning from Colby Covington: “Never cross your boss”

The world of mixed martial arts is no stranger to feuds, rivalries, and heated trash-talking. Fighters often engage in verbal sparring matches to hype up their bouts and build anticipation among fans. However, there is a line that even the most outspoken athletes should not cross: disrespecting their bosses. Colby Covington, former interim UFC welterweight champion, recently weighed in on this topic, issuing a stern warning to fellow fighter Leon Edwards after Edwards appeared to criticize UFC president Dana White. Covington’s message was clear: if you want to succeed in the UFC, you don’t cross your boss. In this article, we will explore the implications of Covington’s remarks and the broader issue of fighter-boss relationships in the UFC.

The UFC President, Dana White, has disclosed that Colby Covington’s reintroduction to the Octagon will happen in a welterweight bout against Leon Edwards for the title. However, Edwards has implied that he may not sign the contract due to Covington’s inactivity. Covington has issued a warning to Edwards, stating that the champion does not need to cross his boss. Speaking with MMA Fighting’s Mike Heck, the number two-ranked welterweight turned his frustrations toward Edwards, revealing that he feels he has not really defended his title. Covington threatened Edwards with his position, saying that he would strip him of his title if he refuses the matchup.

Covington has, in the past, been associated with making controversial statements, and he didn’t disappoint in this interview. He called Edwards a “mumbling f**king idiot” and a “freaking stupid” person, warning him that he does not cross his boss. He went further to highlight that Leon Edwards failed to defend his title since Kamaru Usman was a “shell of himself,” ready to retire. Therefore the real fight was never commissioned, giving Edwards little justification for claiming he defended his title.

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Covington alleged that without him, Leon Edwards would not be a draw in this division since he had no personality, charisma or right to call the shots as a nobody. Edwards’s response to Covington’s threat remains unknown. Inactivity on either fighters’ part would serve to disappoint MMA fans since their matchup has been highly anticipated.

As we conclude our article on Colby Covington’s recent warning to Leon Edwards, it’s clear that workplace etiquette is not something to be taken lightly. The phrase, “You don’t cross your boss” holds true in all aspects of life whether it’s in the work environment or the highly competitive world of mixed martial arts. It’s important to maintain mutual respect in any professional relationship, and Colby’s harsh message serves as a reminder that there are consequences for those who fail to do so. As we continue to witness the drama unfold in the UFC world, it’s important to remember that the key to success is not just skill and talent, but also maintaining strong relationships built on trust and respect.

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